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Tough Tote

3 Cubic Yard Waste Bag

Specifications 48 x 96x 30 Max Capacity 3,300 lbs

Terms of Use for Tough Tote

Place Tough Tote at least 5 ft from structures, vehicles, fences, or other objects, and clear of overhead wires and trees.  Tough Tote must be placed on your property only, NO public sidewalks, streets or other public property.
Leave Tough Tote in one location no further than 16 ft from the edge of street, alley or driveway.  Do not drag the Tough Tote this will damage and weaken the Tote and may prevent pickup service. Additional fees will then apply.
Tough Tote is intended for the collection of general yard waste, construction debris, household general waste.  Tough Tote is not reusable. Please purchase enough Totes to complete your larger projects.
Tough Tote is not for the collection of Hazardous Materials. Please call 577-0411 with any questions.

How to Assemble Tough Tote

Unfold Tough Tote
Stand Inside Tough Tote and Fold Sides Halfway Down
Place Heavy Items in Bottom
Fold Sides Up as Tough Tote is Filled
For Collection The Straps Must be Able to Connect above the Tough Tote.
Call for pickup 577-0411

Tote Step 1

Tote Step 2

Tote Step 3

Tote Step 4

Tough Tote Pic Full 1

Tough Tote Full Pic 2

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