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Residential Services

Need to get rid of junk?

Recool Canada Inc. offers temporary waste containers and the NEW TOUGH TOTE waste bag!

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Residential Curbside Blue Bag Recycling Program

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Thunder Bay residents receive curbside recycling collection every other week. Check your garbage collection calendar for your recycling day below.  Click here to connect to the City of Thunder Bay website to find out which Area and Zone you live in.  Or call the City dispatcher at 684-2195 for assistance.

2013/2014 Collection Schedules

Select your Area and Zone to view your recycling and regular garbage collection calendar for July 2013 to June 2014.

Area 1 Zone 1 Collection ScheduleArea 1 Zone 2 Collection ScheduleArea 2 Zone 1 Collection ScheduleArea 2 Zone 2 Collection ScheduleArea 3 Zone 1 Collection ScheduleArea 3 Zone 2 Collection ScheduleArea 4 Zone 1 Collection ScheduleArea 4 Zone 2 Collection Schedule

Recycling Depot Locations

Recycling depots are available to residents  of Thunder Bay

3 convenient locations

Mountdale Ave at Walsh and Front St & Egan St

TB Solid Waste & Recycling Facility on Mapleward Rd.

Open from 8:00am to 6:30pm Monday to Saturday.

Depots are closed on all holidays and Sundays

Depots are for Residential Use Only

Mountdale Avenue @ Walsh StreetFront Street @ Egan StreetJohn Street Landfill

Rural Recycling Depots

Recool provides recycling services to many of the Townships and communities surrounding Thunder Bay.  A customized recycling roll/off bin offers smaller communities the opportunity to recycle multi-materials and reduce waste going to their landfill.

Rural Recycling Depots (NO GLASS PLEASE)

Neebing (Sand Hill and Scoble)Township of O’ConnorTownship of ConmeeMunicipality of ShuniahLappe

Need to dispose of hazardous materials, old appliances, tires, flourescent lightbulbs, etc?  View City of Thunder Bay Green Guide


Waste Management, Recycling & Safe Storage

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