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Locally Owned & Operated Since 1991


Recool Canada Inc’s company policy  is that all new accounts are subject to a credit check. All first time transactions on any products are to be paid in full prior to shipping until a business relationship is developed.

All products are post consumer and collected individually by front lift, roll off or rear packer trucks in the ICI sector. Other material is collected from curbside and depot programs and sorted in a dual stream MRF  owned by Recool Canada Inc. Because our company is responsible for both the collection and processing this enables us to collect only the cleanest presorted material leaving the undesirable commingled material at the curb with a rejection sticker on the bag. With the material in a blue bag this also eliminates any moisture contamination resulting in superior quality on a continual basis. These high standards are regulated by our in-house quality control checks in which the products are weighed and the percentage of contaminants documented.

COMMODITIES: (all bales are 46″ x 60″ x 30″)

#1 PET Plastic

Average Weight 1250 lbs. Mixed 80% clear with 20% colour, Perforated and baled with labels and caps on (not shredded).

#2 HDPE Plastic

Average Weight: 1425 lbs. Mixed colour and natural, baled with labels and caps on.

Milk Cartons & Tetra Packs

Average Weight: 1360 lbs. Bales contain milk cartons, juice boxes and tetra packs.

Aluminum Cans

Average Weight: 890 lbs. Contains 100% aluminum pop and beer cans.


Average Weight: 1870 lbs. Bales contain unsold and uncirculated magazines from a print shop.


Average Weight: 1425 lbs. Bales contain newspapers, office paper from depot and curbside collection.


Average Weight: 1350 lbs. OCC#11

Blue Bags

Average Weight: 1600 lbs. Bales contain blue bags from curbside pickup – Fiber Only

Waste Management, Recycling & Safe Storage

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